Matt Bors
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The pope has been meeting with Muslims lately and talking about the need to open a dialogue between faiths. I’m all for religions existing peacefully with one another, but I’m not sure exactly what it is he thinks this will achieve. The pope should just say what it is on his mind: every Muslim will burn in hell for eternity unless they accept Jesus as their savior. It wouldn’t be considered nice for him to say this, but does he not believe it? Is it not the only way to heaven?

Many religious progressives see just about everyone going to heaven as long as they’ve been a relatively nice person. But I would have to ask them, if you can get into heaven without Jesus then what was the point of him coming here? What is the point of religion?

Muslim leaders don’t tend to be very wishy washy. They know the pope will go to hell unless he immediately rejects his satanic religion so they’ve done what any reasonable person holding that knowledge would do and called on the him to immediately convert to The One True Religion, Islam.

09.28.2006 |