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Here’s a rather wordy comic I’ve been kicking around for a while after hearing about the battle between Sherman and Norman (the dogs) over Colorado’s Domestic Partnership law on the ballot this November. Check out the sites, and No Moo Lies. I’m firmly on the side of believing that people are born gay, but I find both sites silly. Do people really completely switch their points of view based on websites like this?

No Moo Lies is particularly ridiculous. To show that people aren’t born gay, they feature evidence such as “Anne Heche, actress? dated a woman, but is now married to a man.” I suppose the logic goes that if that (crazy) woman could change back to “normal” then none of the 6.5 billion people on the planet could be born gay. It’s that simple.

Clearly, evidence shows most gay people to be born that way. But who cares if they are or not? If we found out tomorrow that homosexuality was chosen by people, it wouldn’t change my view on gay marriage.

09.19.2006 |