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Coffee is good. But me thinks people go a little crazy about it. The term 'barista' for instance. Why a unique title for those that serve coffee? Seems to me like a fancy name to give the illusion of a gourmet experience and justify higher prices (don't forget to tip your barista as well. Their employer apparently can't pay them enough). Yes, I know. There are all types of variables that go into creating a great espresso and only a well trained barista and coffee connoisseur can dare comprehend the complexity. But it all just seems silly to an "uncultured" Ohioan.

The original version of this was much harsher but the Stranger wanted me to make it funnier. They thought their readership would turn on me. Plus, they were big barista lovers themselves and were quite offended at my assault on their Northwestern sensibilities.

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09.18.2006 |