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You probably heard of the National Guard’s Cardboard Daddy program in which lifesize cardboard cutouts of deployed family members are issued to help people cope. I figured jihadis’ families need to cope as well.

It’s kind of uncouth to make fun of the program directly since this was done at the request of the families. You can’t blame them for doing whatever helps to them get through it. But I don’t think it’s a particularly good way to deal with the absence of a loved one.

Judkins said the cutout has been a comfort since her husband was deployed in January.

“He goes everywhere with me. Every day he comes to work with me,” said Judkins, who works in a dentist’s office. “I just bought a new table from the Amish community, and he sits at the head of the table. Yes, he does.”

In the car, her husband’s image sits behind the driver’s seat so Judkins can keep an eye on him. A third-grade class writes to him as their “adopted” guardsman. And Judkins even brought her husband’s cutout — which she calls Slim Jim, because he’s not — to confession at the local church. Full Article.

I’m sorry, but if you need to take a cardboard cutout of your husband to work with you in a dentist office and to church, then perhaps you have some issues that need to be addressed.

09.14.2006 |