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Great news from Pakistan, our ally in the War On Terror. Looks like they might catch up to Afghanistan in the human rights department if they get these changes to their rape laws through.

Lawmakers from a coalition of six Islamic groups threatened on Tuesday to vacate their parliamentary seats if Pakistan's government changes a rape law criticized by human rights activists.
Under the current law, approved by a former military dictator in 1979, prosecuting a rape case requires testimony from four witnesses, making punishment almost impossible because such attacks are rarely public.

A woman who claims she was raped but fails to prove her case can be convicted of adultery, punishable by death.

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I find religious progressives intersting because they claim that the brutal stories in the Bible prescribing death to homosexuals and adulterers, the condoning of slavery, and subjegation of women are somehow allegories for a peaceful loving existence. Note the photo to the left of the article featuring women marching in favor of being executed if they are raped. Have they warped their religion or simply read the book?

09.07.2006 |