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I had written this comic back when the financial spying scandal broke in the New York Times, but didn’t do it because I figured my Editors (and readers) wouldn’t care as much about the New York Times’ anti-cartoon policy as I do. But I had some extra time last week and busted out two comics. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the reaction so far.

With rapidly disappearing staff cartoonist jobs already the norm, papers like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times completely eliminating comics sets a dangerous precedent for those in my profession and decent comic-loving Americans everywhere. Setting aside the usually lame comics section when your readership is only interested in hard news (as is the case with those two papers) is one thing, but eliminating political cartoons on the editorial page is ludicrous. More columns from David Brooks and Thomas Friedman please!

I’ve basically just switched the subject and kept the rhetoric the same (even toned down a bit, actually–you just can’t compete with reality these days). Right-Wingers were calling for the execution of Editors by gas chamber , while Ann Coulter prefers “a firing squad, but I’m open to a debate on the method of execution.” If it were about adding the Family Circus, I’d agree completely.

08.08.2006 |