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New Toon: Pro-Life Field Guide

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This one would actually be going up next week, but I'm showing it now because in a week everyone will have forgotten how Bush used his first veto to halt scientific research and instead be focusing on World War 3. I wish I would have been ahead of the curve on the stem cell veto so these would have been in print last week. The Idiot Box cartoon this week also deals with these sacred clumps of cells.

Bush, displaying his knowledge of what stem cell research is, declared "These boys and girls are not spare parts."

For a truly amazing editorial cartoon supporting Bush's decision, check this one out. These "Pro-Lifers" actually think killing a stem cell is the moral equivalency of murder, slavery, and genocide. I suppose if your belief is that fetuses have souls then it is logically consistent to oppose stem cell research on those grounds. To make an exception you would have to determine when the soul enters into the picture. Is it when you are a blastocyst? a zygote? a fetus? Of course, for that to make sense, you would have to show some evidence of a soul in the first place.
07.24.2006 |