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Yes, I’m making fun of Cindy Sheehan. Yes, she lost a son in Iraq. No, that does not prevent me from criticizing her when she does ridiculous things like claim to be fasting to end the war (until September 21st!) and then writes this at Political Affairs Magazine:

I find traveling out of the country very challenging being on a fast. When I was on a layover in Madrid on my way to Venice, Italy yesterday, the closest thing I could find to a smoothie to get a little protein was a coffee with vanilla ice cream in it.

It turns out she’s drinking protein smoothies from Jamba Juice. What a fast. Most of the other fasters don’t have the determination of Sheehan, so they are doing a “rolling fast”. This involves not eating for 24 hours, then “passing” the fast to Sean Penn or Daryl Hannah or any of the other celebrities participating in this embarrassing activism.

The Code Pink press release dares to compare these people to some of the most important activists in human history:

The organizers call on a long history of fasts for political purposes, claiming their place among the Suffragettes, Mahatmas Gandhi and Cesar Chavez.

This isn’t the first thing Sheehan did that doesn’t make sense. She was on Hardball recently and said she would rather live under Hugo Chavez than George Bush. When you say that on national TV, what do you expect to happen except to receive an offer within 5 minutes from a right-wing blog to fly you over there?

The Beast also wrote on this subject.

07.20.2006 |