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This one is going up early, as I am preparing my mind and body for a trip to the cesspool of corruption that is our nation’s capital. I’m headed to the Campus Progress 2006 National Student Conference. Barack Obama is the keynote speaker. I’m looking forward to playing poker at the Watergate myself.

Not much to say about this comic. It may suck. I’m not quite sure.

If you come to the site often you see the Attitude 3 ads. I hate to flog something, but you really should be buying it. If you are into political/alternative/webcomics stuff at all, this has something for you. Interviews with and work by 21 cartoonists all compiled by Ted Rall. The book has everything from clip art, pixel comics, and people who still draw with ink and papyrus such as myself….plus I will do a sketch in your book using this arcane method of creation. Check the store.

And do I even need to mention my Bodaciously Valued Comic Pack?

07.11.2006 |