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Sorry for the lack of posting. I got slammed with work upon returning from MoCCA. I’ve got some good ideas I don’t want to go to waste, so if all goes to plan I’ll be posting two comics next week.

I haven’t lost any sleep now that Al-Zarqawi is dead, but I haven’t slept any easier either. And while Zarqawi was not the actual #2 man in Al Qaeda, I felt it necessary to address this strange trend in the Global War On Terror to focus on a single terrorist as our target. He was the #1 man in Al Qaeda in Iraq which made him the–what? #4 in the world? Not sure exactly how it works, but I know the #1 man, Osama Bin Laden, is virtually ignored.

The death of Zarqawi is the latest victory/turning of the corner/critical step in the War in Iraq that won’t change the outcome. Watch out, I hear the next six months are a crucial time for Iraq!

06.14.2006 |