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I never thought I'd be one to have a blog and these days I'm a regular blogadeer. So it was only natural that I would give in and get a myspace account. I really despise these social networking sites, but I figured what the hell, it might lead to some new readers.

My page is here. So send me a friend request or whatever. If you regularly visit my site there isn't anything new to see there, it's just some of my comics. I spared everyone from a list of my top favorite 300 bands. The only information you can gather is that I'm a Virgo, which I can't seem to turn off. Why does it have to put our astrological signs? Do people really believe in that stuff? Don't answer that.

For the record, this man wearing a gas mask was the first Editor with the vision to run my comics...

Also, check out my buddy Ed Piskor's comic about myspace. It is, of course, viewable on his myspace page.
05.24.2006 |