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This was to be a cover and page and a half spread for the OC Weekly, but it was killed due to lack of space. It's a shame because I think it's one of my best pieces, but it at least was published in the online version of the article Baghdad Diaries. The woman at the table is Eileen Padberg, a "Republican political consultant from Laguna Niguel until two years ago. That's when she dropped everything on something like a lark, but more sober given that it involved moving from the relative tranquility of Orange County political infighting to a real, brutal killing zone, to help Iraqi businesswomen."

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The Editor knew exactly what he wanted-Padberg at the center of a table in Iraq with a character representing the major 'groups'; civilians, soldiers, detainees, clerics. We decided a 'Last Supper' approach would be the best way to have all characters facing the viewer. Everything was handled in this one sketch with virtually no changes.

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The only major change I made was to the American soldier, from flipped out to a more pensive just-been-through-some-shit look. To get the right texture for his hair and the dirt on him I sketched in pencil on a piece of tracing paper and added it over the coloring in Photoshop. I also added a myterious hand on the shoulder of the General, looking at his map of Iraq as blood begins to soak into it.

05.15.2006 |