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The Atheist’s Nightmare – Part II

(Via God is For Suckers) About two weeks ago I linked to Ray Comfort explaining how the banana was irrefutable proof of intelligent design. He was confronted about this on the Hellbound Alleee Show and conceded that he was wrong:

Hellbound Alleee : I'm just saying that, that there are very few plants, and we argue - with some environmentalists a lot who don't believe in bioengineered food, because all, because most of the food that we eat of course is farmed, and is done through horticulture, and we've engineered these - these fruits and vegetables to be more tasty to us. So actually, the banana seems to be not, not made by God at this point, it's more like um, what, what came first, the banana or the hand ? [laugh] You know ? Man took the banana and made it better for man.

Ray Comfort : Okay, you've got that one. You can have the banana.

Francois Tremblay : WE WIN ! WE WIN ! WE'VE WON THE BANANA !

The Nightmare is over. Ray Comfort is pretty influential to the Rapture Right and is the inventor of the Banana Theory, something creationists actually use as something that's legitimate.

God is for Suckers is also reporting on the how the Ground Zero memorial "pledged to permanently display the two pieces of steel left standing in the shape of a cross after the World Trade Center collapsed." They comment:

Many triangles, especially ones created by workers' shovels leaned against debris during lunch breaks, could easily of symbolized the element of fire in the Paracelsian alchemical tradition. However, since the Christocentric workers ignored such clear messages from Beyond, any Alchemists who lost their lives at the World Trade Center may never have closure.

05.14.2006 |