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The Buffalo BEAST (America's best fiend) pulled off an amazing double prank on the Mayors of Buffalo and Ottawa, whose hockey teams are facing each other in the playoffs, calling each of the Mayors and pretending to be the other one. In the first call, the Buffalo Mayor was propositioned a wife swap which resulted in his wife actually being put on the phone(!). Next up was the Mayor of Ottawa. He took the bait, believing the call was authentic, and was suprisingly enthusiastic about what they proposed:
We're irredeemable cynics who like to believe we've mapped the entire genome of rottenness and venality. And then we encounter something like this: a sitting mayor seriously considering fixing an NHL playoff series in exchange for jobs, without so much as blinking. For all our misanthropy, we were unprepared for that.
And they have it on tape. The story, transcript, and audio is here.
05.12.2006 |