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New Toon: Idiot Box-The Most Trusted Name In News

I like doing these USA Today parodies once in a while (previous ones here and here). It serves as a dumping ground for jokes and ideas I can’t stretch into a strip. I had something planned about the various new scandals (Kennedy crash, hookergate, etc), but it is being worked into a full page strip for the Free Times. Check back next week for that. You can read the tiny type of the articles here.

In regards to the headline at the bottom referring to Native Americans singing the National Anthem in Mohican, I’d like to know if conservatives would actually have a problem about this. Recently, a resolution was introduced in the House affirming that the National Anthem be sung in English. Laura Bush was already before it before she was against it. But the Spanish version doesn’t seem to be something immigrants cooked up last week in their War On Freedom. An ABC article says:

On the other side of the debate, supporters of the “Nuestra Himna” version of the national anthem point out that, according to the Library of Congress, the United States Bureau of Education commissioned a Spanish-language version of “The Star Spangled Banner” en español way back in 1919. That was before the English version became the official anthem in 1931.

Like most things Right-Wingers drum up as the pressing issue of the day, this is a complete non-issue intended to rally the racist wing of the party (not a small wing) and get them to the polls. Much like the getting out the I-Hate-The-Queers-Vote in 2004.

05.11.2006 |