Matt Bors
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Everyone’s lauding these Generals coming forward to call for Rumsfeld’s resignation. I’ve heard the word “unprecedented” over 900 in the last two weeks. How nice of some of them to finally speak up. Only over 100,000 people are dead so far, with us now threatening to bomb Iran. Rumsfeld shouldn’t be resigning to live out a nice quaint life. He should be clapped in irons and tried as a war criminal.

I heard the latest General on FOX News making very clear that this wasn’t some “anti-war” thing, just a call for a change in leadership. Yes, we wouldn’t want to be against the war, would we? Not that I would expect them to be peaceful, they’re people who have trained their whole lives for war. They just want someone who is better at leading them through it all.

I can’t blame ’em though. I’d want someone more competent waging my unprovoked war of aggression too.

04.27.2006 |