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Attitude 3 is coming out very soon and you can now pre-order the book from me and I will ship it to you when my copies arrive (sometime in the next month). All copies ordered through me will have a sketch in them.

The new book, edited by Ted Rall, will feature interviews with and cartoons by 21 web cartoonists including Idiot Box, Perry Bible Fellowship,Big Fat Whale, Diesel Sweeties, Partially Clips, Cat and Girl, Fetus-X, Fighting Words, and XQUZYPHYR & Overboard among others.

I've also put together the Bodaciously Valued Comic Pack: Attitude 3, both collections of Idiot Box, and 3 Car Pileup 1 and 2. 272 pages of comics for only $18.95 (not $19.00!). You would actually have to have something wrong with you not to buy this!

04.20.2006 |