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  • Katrina Vanden Heuval writes in the Nation on the minimum wage:
    Last Sunday, the New York Times reported that--for the first time--a full-time worker earning minimum wage cannot afford a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in America at market rates......a system where a full-time worker making the minimum wage earns $10,500 annually, while "last year the CEO of Wal-Mart earned $3,500 an hour. The CEO of Halliburton earned about $8,300 an hour. And the CEO of ExxonMobil earned about $13,700 an hour.
  • What happens in the modern age when you kill a ten year old girl, rape her, and chop her up? People leave hundreds of nasty comments on your blog.
  • A controversy over at Cagle's blog regarding an nice little Easter comic from Mr. Fish. And by controversy I mean a bunch of people writing him hate mail.
  • Tom Tomorrow goes to bat for alternative cartoonists and the Pulitzer, which he suggests could be called the "Pulitzer Prize for Daily Newspaper Editorial Page Preferrably Single Panel Cartooning."
04.19.2006 |