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The PBR cartoon got me thinking about a beer I encountered long ago in college, when I lived in Pittsburgh.

In Pittsburgh you can't just waltz up in a store and grab a 40 oz. Beer is only sold at distributors by the case. A little inconvenient for dates, but no one in the 'burgh drinks less than 15 beers a night anyway so it works out fine. In my experience, these places also have no problem selling cases and kegs to small children. At the place I used to get brew, teenagers would be lined up at the counter with a cop standing right there...he never batted an eyelid!

So anyway, as you know the college kid must make sacrifices in the quality of beer they drink due to financial restrictions. The greatest cost value was a beer called "American" that cost $7.00 for a 30 pack. I never stooped so low as to buy it, but I tasted it once. It was essentially canned water.

The slogan on the can was "A FULL BODIED PURE AMERICAN BEER, QUALITY BREWED TO CAPTURE THE SPIRIT AND STRENGTH OF AMERICA, " which doesn't really say much for this country.
04.17.2006 |