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I had this one sitting on the back burner a couple months and finally decided to do it. The cult of popularity around Pabst Blue Ribbon among young hipsters who prefer Fat Tire and Guinness baffles me. I guess it’s the faux-blue collar look they’re going for, not sure. I do know it takes an amazing amount of mental acrobatics to think it is good while being a beer snob and despising all other cheap domestics. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m definitely a beer snob. I just don’t make exceptions for PBR.

In case you don’t live in internet land, the seemingly random Chuck Norris reference has to do with the growing cult of popularity around him as well. There’s the random facts thing and then there’s the shirts. You know, last month it was Thundercats, next month it’ll be Richard Simmons shirts. Until every eighties reference has been exhausted. The most popular shirt is WWCND (What would Chuck Norris Do). While poking around his official website, I found exactly what the actor would do:

The actor says the Holy Spirit has filled the emptiness he had and has given his life new meaning. He is now an advocate for getting the Bible back into the public school curriculum.

Not cool Chuck.

04.13.2006 |