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Anyone remember when I drew this cartoon?

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It got some attention and was posted on Cagle's blog and got me listed on the site. Now with the revelation that Bush OK'd the leak of Valerie Plame's name a whole slew of comics at Cagle have been unleashed on us with Bush literally leaking water. Get it?! He leaked!

Another roundup on the site recently has got me scratching my head. The incident with Cynthia McKinney punching a police officer. The cartoons listed on Cagle are all virtually identical and--without any subtlety--seem to say the same thing: Cynthia McKinney is a fat black bitch with fat black bitch hair. See for yourself.

UPDATE: I also wanted to point out this cartoon by Glenn McCoy. Please note the metal detector going off even though she ran around it.
04.12.2006 |