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Ever wish you could open your television and get a Klondike Bar during commercials? Thanks to LG's new 13 inch television with 21 cubic feet of refrigerator attached to it, you can do just that.

From the company's press release:
LGE has just unveiled a TV refrigerator-- a TV and refrigerator combined?in Europe following its launch in USA. This is in line with LGE's efforts at putting forth visions for home networking appliances such as Internet refrigerators and Internet air conditioners.
and then later:
Moon B. Shin, vice president of overseas sales & marketing of LGE, said, The TV refrigerator allows housewives to enjoy music, movies, satellite broadcasting, and cable TV in the kitchen, enhancing their pleasure and convenience. For instance, housewives can order food and kitchen items from home shopping channels and also cook dishes while watching cooking shows. He went on to say, You may wonder about the price. The product is more expensive than buying a refrigerator and a 13-inch LCD TV separately. Nonetheless, I am confident that consumers will choose the TV refrigerator because they will be proud of owning this innovative product.
04.04.2006 |