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I have sold out the name of my strip to a large corporation. In a post two weeks ago I mentioned I would be doing this along with running classified ads in the panel gutters. That didn’t quite work out because at the size the text had to be to fit it was unreadable.

I spent some time last week talking to high level advertising executives of popular sports apparel companies trying to hip them to the idea of buying some cheap ad space in my comic strip. None seemed too interested. Apparently they don’t have too much overhead what with their high paid garment workers.

I don’t blame them for not wanting to be a part of this, but these people truly live in another world. One particularly odd exchange happened with an ad. exec. For the company I ultimately included in the title. After delivering my pitch:

Brand Chiefton: hmmm….that’s interesting. What is this all about, though?

Matt Bors: See, I’m doing a parody of all the strange new advertising trends; forehead ads, tattoos, and the like. And now Sports Teams are re-naming themselves after companies that buy them out.

Brand Chiefton: Really?! (sounds surprised, seems to be jotting down ideas.)

Matt Bors: Yeah, Red Bull just did it wit a soccer team in New York. So my idea is I go through all this stuff and then at the end the joke is that I too have sold my strip’s name.

Brand Chiefton: Wait, so this is going to be….funny?

Matt Bors: Yes, Funny!

Brand Chiefton: We don’t want to be involved with anything funny.

03.30.2006 |