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One of the many podcasts I listen to every week is Blast The Right, a great progressive show loaded with facts and logic. I regularly speak with the host, Jack Clark, and am designing the logo for the show, so I may have a bias, but last week's show featuring a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. is something everyone in America needs to hear. I'm planning a huge podcast post for next week, but for now, go listen to MLK speak about the war on terrorism.

It's not the usual speech that you are used to hearing quoted when everyone talks about what a great leader MLK was. It's a speech that, were it given today by any Democrat or Progressive, would be denounced as an Anti-American, terrorist sympathizer, praying-for-the-death-of-american-soldiers ranting of a loon by the knee-jerk right. On his blog comments, I saw this by an Iranian:
Hi Dear Friend,

I have discovered your podcast and listen to it every week. But I was never this much touched by a podcast till I managed to listen to your recent episode (32). America needs men like you to be loved and not hated. I say this because I love America before, more than I loved my country, I spend 9 years of life in America, but now, I hate it more than anything else in the world. Don't misunderstand, I don't hate Americas, I hate as MLK Jr. said, the evil government, interest groups, companies of America that beat on war drums.

Soon our countries will end up face to face, aiming their guns at each other; Such a horrible thing that I need to defend my country against people whom I once called Family (Americans).
03.17.2006 |