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My younger brother received this in the mail the other day, which had the word "Air Force" real small in the return address. Their new recruitment tactic appears to be convincing teenagers that anything they want to do beyond high school is just a joke.

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Check out the website You can choose "career paths" that will let you know how you end up. Strangely, everyone I tried leaves you a loser living with your parents. But guess which career won't?.......The Air Force! They'll clue you into that only after playing around on the website for a while. This is an interesting attempt to appeal to the kids who don't respond to the ads I've been seeing lately featuring Snowboarding/Fighter Jets/Testosterone (like x-treme sports? You'll love bombing raids!).

Make sure to click on the student ID and follow the career path. According to the Air Force, nothing good can come of college.
03.14.2006 |