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Idiot Box Sells Out!

In thinking of ideas for a strip based on my previous post I came up with literally selling off parts of my strip, starting with those wasteful blank spaces between the gutters. I'll be running some classified ads in those panel gutters in an upcoming strip and they can be yours for only a dollar. Have a message you need thousands to see? e-mail me and reserve your spot today.

It's prime real estate with a lot of potential views. Idiot Box is printed over 125,000 times a week in all the papers it runs in and is seen by thousands on the web. Everything is--and must be--for sale, so I will consider selling you a panel if you offer enough and will be auctioning off the name of my strip to a company soon. Consider it a real life experiment in advertising extremes.

I was just going to make up stuff to be funny and rename the strip as if some company bought it out, but then I realized I'd be giving them free ad space. I take up valuable newsprint. What a gold mine I'm sitting on! I'm hoping this leads to bigger and better things for me and my strip; product placement, endorsements, a career as a recording artist, etc.
03.13.2006 |