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Found via the Flog, the Portland Mercury refused to run Johnny Ryan's recent strip for being objectionable. It is the only weekly paper that runs the strip now that the Seattle Stranger dropped it. Eric Reynolds at the Flog writes "This strikes me as weird, given that the Mercury is owned by the Seattle Stranger, which was one of the few American newspapers to run the Danish editorial cartoons that have caused so much insanity." I agree to an extent. As Editor I wouldn't have spiked the strip. I don't find it offensive, it was just what Ryan does every week in Blecky Yuckerella; relying on the old wiping the ass with/pissing on/shitting all over/impaling you with my penis jokes.

Also, be sure to check out this strip where he oh-so-hilariously cracks on weekly political strips. I guess weekly papers just don't recognize Ryan's genius of scrawling out piss and shit jokes 52 weeks a year.
03.11.2006 |