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Doing this strip is great and rewarding in and of itself. I don't plan on stopping until I'm old and gray. But being on the web isn't the be all end all for me. I'm a print guy. I offer the strip free online because I want as many people to see it as possible, but the only way I can make money at this is by newsweeklies running it in print. Most editors these days need shock therapy to realize that more than two or three comics can (and should) appear in their paper. Readers like comics!

If you show up here every week there must be something I'm doing right. So please, if you enjoy the strip, take a moment to write an e-mail to the Editor of your local newsweekly telling them about it. Send them a link to your favorite comic. You can find contact info to most papers at the AAN Directory. Consider doing this even if you don't pick the paper up and wouldn't even if I was in it. Because people that rely on these papers for their comic fix instead of the net will never find out about me until people let their Editors know.

Or just look for the e-mail to the editor on the masthead of your local newsweekly.
02.13.2006 |