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Pre-Orders for Attitude 3 are now available at Amazon.....or just wait till I get some books and buy them from here. The official release date is June 1, 2006.

The featured cartoonists are:

1. Rob Balder: "Partially Clips"
2. Dale Beran and David Hellman: "A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible"
3. Matt Bors: "Idiot Box"
4. Steven L. Cloud: "Boy on a Stick and Slither"
5. M.e. Cohen: "HumorInk"
6. Chris Dlugosz: "Pixel"
7. Thomas K. Dye: "Newshounds"
8. Mark Fiore: "Fiore Animated Cartoons"
9. Dorothy Gambrell : "Cat and Girl"
10. Nicholas Gurewitch: "The Perry Bible Fellowship"
11. Brian McFadden: "Big Fat Whale"
12. Eric Millikin: "Fetus-X"
13. Ryan North: "Daily Dinosaur Comics"
14. August J. Pollak: "XQUZYPHYR" & "Overboard"
15. Mark Poutenis: "Thinking Ape Blues"
16. Jason Pultz: "Comic Strip" 17. Adam Rust: "Adam's Rust"
18. D.C. Simpson: "I Drew This" & "Ozy and Millie"
19. Ben Smith: "Fighting Words"
20. Richard Stevens: "Diesel Sweeties"
21. Michael Zole: "Death to the Extremist"

From Amazon'e description:

ATTITUDE 3: THE NEW SUBVERSIVE ONLINE CARTOONISTS features the work of 21 cartoonists who are moving from the world of print into the Internet to produce some of the funniest, outrageous and innovative comics around.

In keeping with the format of the first two volumes in the ATTITUDE series of comics anthologies, ATTITUDE 3 includes cartoons by, interviews with and personal ephemera (like childhood photos) of each creator. Featured are innovative artists who focus on politics, others on social commentary and still more who are out to make you laugh. Find out why webcomics are the hottest new comics around through this primer to some of the medium's brightest talents!

02.08.2006 |