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Yes, you read that right. Cagle posted my Tom Toles/Muhammad parody comic earlier today on his blog. wrote me a loving e-mail on the subject:

You bastard, son of a bitch, how dare you ridicule Allah's messenger? You will rot in hell, that's for sure. Your going to die with your face burried in your own shit. You are a coward, shameless pig.Hell is waiting for you.

If you ever get the time, read about Islam, read the Holy Quran and then assess the loss that you have done to yourself.But i doubt Allah will give you that oppurtunity for what you have done, deserves nothing but a ridiculous death and a life in hell, foreever.

Waiting for the glorious moment of mattbors's shit-filled death! May it be soon.Amen


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02.05.2006 |