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I'm done with them. They are an ineffective bunch of pompous ass, whining, enabling, Piss Ants. They should have filibustered Alito. They keep saving their political amunition for some mythical battle in the distant future. It's over! The battle's lost!! And it will be even worse if they run Clinton or Biden (whom I will NEVER vote for!) for president and lose (or have stolen from) and the Supreme Court is stacked with more Right-Wing Lunatics.

Tim Kaine's response was typical for Democrats: condescending sloganeering. "There's A Better Way" must have been repeated 30 times. The better way was never specified other than to apparently not be what Bush wants.

There is a better way. Not enabling this dilapidated party again. Liberal Democrats need to give up fighting from within this party and form a new one. I suggest naming it The Progressive Party. They could fight for real social change and break up the two power duopoly.

Here's some good toons about the Democrats lack of testicular/ovarian fortitude:

Ward Sutton asks "Dude, Where's My Party?"

Bad Reporter observes the Endagered Political Species.

And Jen Sorensen observes Democrat's strange strategy for success.
02.01.2006 |