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New Toon: Troubling Legal Question of Colonial America

My Alito comic from a few weeks ago was posted in Cagle’s gathering of Alito comics, which led to me being swamped with e-mail today. Here’s a sample:

Just went thru cartoons posted on MSN regarding the Alito Supreme Court nomination. While I am an independent who considers himself a moderate and most certainly no fan of George W. Bush I must say about your supposed cartoon, I am not sure whether you a trying to make a social comment or be funny, but you fall woefully short on both counts. You do manage however to show a complete lack of any taste and waste the public’s time by reading that rag you drew.

-Timothy E. Smith

I love how since he doesn’t like the comic it’s a “supposed cartoon”.

Mark Davis writes an intersting criticism:

jr. high art work. Go back to school and learn to draw.

David Teran:

You left wing zealots are really incredible! A child cannot even get an aspirin without the parent’s consent….and yet you’re all for them being able to get an abortion without mom and dad even knowing what’s going on. Go figure!

If America knew what goes on in an abortion…it would be illegal and punishable by prison in a matter of weeks. Just try doing one of those to a dog and see what happens to you.

Where in that comic do I talk about parental notification for minors?

01.12.2006 |