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Jeff Seemann is the Democratic candidate for the 16th district of Ohio and right now he's living on the streets.

Jeff decided to go homeless for 100 hours and is entering his fourth night on the streets. He won't be home for Thanksgiving dinner and has had no money or identification on him, only four quarters to call someone everyday who can post his experiences. Jeff explains:

It's my firm belief that you cannot properly represent your district until you truly understand the problems that many Americans face. Ralph Regula has been in Washington DC for 33 years, and he's clearly lost touch with the issues that affect his constituents.

How many people never have to worry about affordable health care? How many people never have to worry about whether or not their next paycheck will cover the rising price of gas and if they can afford to heat their home this winter? How many people get to actually VOTE for their own pay raise year after year after year?

My life hasn't been as easy as Ralph Regula's, but I know that half of America has it harder than I do. Furthermore, I believe that you cannot represent Americans until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

So I'm going to start walking in some different pairs of shoes. I want to KNOW what many Americans face every single day, not just hear about them. I will be spending significant amounts of time experiencing the difficulties that many Americans deal with daily.

Starting this Sunday, I will spend 100 hours homeless in Stark County, Ohio. I hope that by surrounding myself in a different atmosphere, I can truly understand how to tackle the important issues that are often overlooked in this modern world.
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Here is the report of his first day.

Happy Thanksgiving.
11.23.2005 |