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Long Overdue Announcement

But first...I have four comic strips running in the Seattle Stranger over the next four weeks (it may have already started, I'm not sure). Two of these strips will be redrawn as Idiot Box comics and used over the next few months. The other two will be posted here after they run in the Stranger. and now....

Idiot Box will be featured in "ATTITUDE 3: THE SUBVERSIVE NEW MEDIA CARTOONISTS," edited by Ted Rall and is scheduled to hit store shelves everywhere in February/March 2006. It will feature an interview with all the creators and 5 or 6 of their comics.

The Attitude series collects alternative comics that mainly run in free weekly papers. The first two books were very influential on me and it's great to be included. The contributor list is as follows:

Ben Smith - Fighting Words
Adam Rust - Adam's Rust
August J. Pollak - XQUZYPHYR & Overboard
Brian McFadden - Big Fat Whale
David Craig Simpson - I Drew This / Ozy and Millie
Dermot O'Connor - Idleworm
Dorothy Gambrell Cat and Girl
Eric Millikin - Fetus-X
Garrett Gaston - La Petite Camera
Keith Robinson - Making It
M.e. Cohen - HumorInk
Mark Fiore - Fiore Animated Cartoons
Matt Bors - Idiot Box
Nicholas Gurewitch - The Perry Bible Fellowship
Robert T. Balder - PartiallyClips
Ryan North - Daily Dinosaur Comics
Thomas K. Dye - Newshounds
11.22.2005 |