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There's a new article at regarding the new book Do As I Say, which points out hypocrisy in liberals such as Ralph Nader, Michael Moore, Al Franken, and Hillary Clinton (liberal!?).

If Peter Schweizer, a Research Fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution, tried giving the presentation he made last Thursday at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC to his old philosophy professors from Oxford, they might cast themselves into the River Thames in despair. After all, his new book— Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy—is based almost entirely on one of philosophy's most infamous logical fallacies: that if a certain person's real-life actions don't live up to his or her abstract ideals, then those ideals are automatically proved false. Keep Reading...

The article's main point is that these ad hominem attacks do nothing to refute the actual policies these people promote, despite what the author of the book would have you believe. This book will be written off (most likely ignored entirely) by liberals and yet how often do Air America hosts resort to bashing Rush Limbaugh for having an addiction to painkillers (as opposed to someone like Amy Goodman who doesn't partake in personal invective)? Does it prove his position on drugs in wrong? No, it discredits and denigrates him. And he well deserves it.

Hypocrisy has to be the quality I hate most in human beings. It speaks volumes of your character. And when your personal actions completely contradict your professed beliefs you should be publicly flogged (figuratively speaking). Newt Gingrich and Bill O'Reilly are berated for their infidelity, divorcing, and loofa scrubs which seem a little contradictory to the "family values" they constantly harp about. It has to work the same way with liberals.

I haven't read this book and don't know the extent or severity of most of the allegations. It is obviously a partisan attack book, but so was Lies, and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them, it was just a factually correct attack book. If it's allegations are true (and I'm sure many of them are) then the people need to be called out on them. I don't make excuses for rich liberals I don't know. In my role as a satirical political cartoonist I feel no need to defend these people. And as the multi-millionaires in Aerosmith said without a hint of Irony "Eat the Rich! There's only one thing that they're good for!"
11.11.2005 |