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Voting reforms are on Ohio's ballot today and I voted for them, for the first time, on an electronic machine. It seems odd that we haven't had them yet seeing as how Diebold is based here in Canton. They produce a paper ballot that you can read through glass before it passes into a locked box. Of course if the results of the electronic machine aren't within one percent there will be no recounting of those ballots.

The discrepancies of the 2004 election in Ohio are finally starting to gain some traction. Mark Crispin Miller's new book Fooled Again is the current book laying out the case for a stolen election. Miller's work and the Conyer's Report were based largely on the reporting done by the Columbus Free Press, who have been releasing a steady stream of books over the last year and run my comics in their bi-monthly paper. I will be starting a project with them on the 2004 election to be released sometime in 2006. We are still working it out, but my contribution may be anywhere from a few illustrations to a rather lengthy comic about the whole ordeal. Stay tuned.

Peter Kuper has a good comic on Ohio Voting in the current issue of the Nation.
11.08.2005 |