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Mickey Siporin Dies at 65

From Editor and Publisher
Siporin -- syndicated by Chronicle Features in the mid-1990s -- was one of the creators featured in "Attitude: The New Subversive Political Cartoonists" edited by Universal Press Syndicate editorial cartoonist Ted Rall. In that 2002 book, Rall called Siporin "one of the country's most unjustly underexposed political cartoonists."

He was of the rare breed of editorial cartoonist whose work could be deemed "alternative", yet had his comics printed in dalies, as opposed to alt. weeklies; someone like Scott Bateman or Joe Sharpnack. His main strength , in my opinion, was his minimalists style, which stood out in a sea of over-rendered, hyper-crosshatched, editorial cartoons.

a link to his website.
09.20.2005 |