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Comics In The New York Times

Editor and Publisher reports:
The Times announced Tuesday that it is turning over 10 pages of The New York Times magazine to a new section called "The Funny Pages."

Each Sunday beginning Sept. 18, the magazine will run "The Strip," a serialized, full-color and full-page comic strip that will feature one self-contained story. The strips will be created by what the Times announcement calls "stars of the graphic novel," with each running about six months. The first strip will be by alternative newspaper star Chris Ware, author of the graphic novel, "Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth.

They will also be featuring serialized fiction in the same manner, with Elmore Leonard kicking off a fourteen week run. I might have to start forking over the five bucks for a Sunday Times.

Now if they would only recognize Editorial Cartoons....

story via The Comics Reporter
09.07.2005 |