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Hurricane Katrina: God’s Revenge?!

Well, according to this recent letter in my local paper, the Canton Repository, Hurricane Katrina could possibly be our punishment for pushing Israel to evacuate Gaza. Of course! Will somebody please promote this man to the head of FEMA?!

Monday, September 5, 2005
New Orleans residents suffer same fate as residents of Gaza

A Fox reporter, commenting on the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina upon the city of New Orleans, said, "It must be an emotional experience (for Americans) to walk away from their homes and not ever live in them again."

Yes it is.

Just ask the people of Gaza in Israel.

While Katrina was growing in the Atlantic, our government was busy bullying Israel into forcing families to leave their homes on and near the sea in Gaza. Swept out of their homes by the "Roadmap to Peace!?" Israeli men, women and children wept as their homes and lives were bulldozed away by the political pressure imposed upon them by the U.S.A., leaving them homeless and dependent upon their government.

And now, just days later, we witness New Orleans, an American city by the sea that celebrates its decadence, partially submerged under Noah- like waters, with its citizens forced out of their homes by Hurricane Katrina.

Its residents who have experienced what is being called the worst natural disaster in American history are sharing the same fate as the citizens of Gaza, Israel; they are homeless refugees forced "to walk away from their homes and not ever live in them again," now existing in government shelters and refugee centers — coincidence?

Michael J. Oyler
Plain Township
Messianic pastor, The Star in the East Messianic Jewish Synagogue
09.06.2005 |