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Living a short distance from Cleveland I went up for the Funny Times 20th Anniversary party last weekend. I attended as a contributor since they just started running my stuff in their last issue. The party was all weekend, but I only got to go Sunday (no car). I chilled with some cartoonists more reputable than myself and listened to some guy named the Sauce Boss, who played blues while cooking gumbo in a chef outfit. I decided to completely go overboard and take three whole pictures. I wasn't as miserable as I look in these pictures. Or stoned.

obscure cartoonist Matt Bors with Jen Sorensen, who is wearing sunglasses at night to combat the violent flash of my camera.

Beards help cartoonists think. Scott Bateman (right), Andy Singer, and me with half of my face cut off and blinking.

cartoonist Mary Lawton and Funny Times publisher Ray Lesser.
08.04.2005 |