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A thoughtful fan writes:
Hi, I just wanted to say you're an idiotic fool and some reasons behind it. You put down "conservatives" because they disagree with you and your puppet agenda. Yet, I recall your favorite president, Mr. Bill Clinton, screwing around his office and then going to Kosovo to cover it up. If you deny that, then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought. What a hypocrite you are... and a sad excuse of a man.
I post this to point something out. Can conservatives get over Clinton cheating on Hillary? They seem to still be very much obsessed with it. I'm not sure what caused this man to assume that Clinton was my favorite president, or how anything Clinton did has anything to do with what's happening now, but if they can't figure out a better way to defend the neoconservatives who are destroying our country it will be very beneficial to the left.

On second thought it
07.29.2005 |