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Conservative Comics Part I

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Can Sean Hannity, G. Gordon Liddy, and Oliver North save America from an Orwellian nightmare of ultra-leftist oppression?

If you are as excited about this premise as I am do yourself a favor and check out Liberality the new comic book series set in the future, where our three 'heroes' (two of them convicted criminals I might add) try to save the world from....well, this:
Two decades of negotiation with the U.N., and America's administration of 2021 (President Chelsea Clinton and Vice President Michael Moore), has culminated in a truce with fundamentalist Islamic terrorists, or so America is told. The honorable ambassador from Afghanistan has come to NYC to address the U.N., his name is Usama Bin Laden.

Read the full synopsis here.

Seriously though, couldn't they use some conservatives who weren't convicted criminals? I know the list is getting shorter every day, but Liddy and North! Maybe use conservatives that haven't advocated murdering federal agents. But hey, I guess it comes back to the old saying that one persons insane right wing terrorist superhero of the future is another persons freedom fighter.

Early next week I'll be writing about another Right Wing comic I've discovered.
07.29.2005 |