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So the Rove Leak story is so big I just had to make an oversized comic for this week. Check the blog Wednesday afternoon for a new full page comic.

Things just keep getting worse for the Bush administration. This week Bush is attempting to block the release of the most revealing and damaging evidence of rampant, sadistic, torture, rape, and murder in our prison camps. What will the torture apologists like Rush Limbaugh say when a video of a young boy being raped in his ass by an American soldier is released?

Of course the rest of the world has known for quite a while now. I remember reading about it at is over a YEAR ago. I thought the story would explode, but apparently I (mis)underestimated the apathy of the American people and our pathetic press.

Also, apparently Rove was fired from Bush Sr.’s 1992 election campaign for leaking information to….Robert Novak!

07.24.2005 |