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Gulf War II Syndrome?

In the current issue of the Nation there is a small write up about Depleted Uranium poisoning. Gulf War II syndrome hasn't been talked about yet on any real level, but if/when it happens it will more widespread, especially to the civilians of Iraq. I wonder if the government will 'support our troops' then or if it will be dismissed like the last time.


John S. Friedman writes: A group of soldiers who served in Iraq plan to file a lawsuit within a month in Federal District Court against the Army for violating its regulations by not offering safeguards against exposure to depleted uranium, used in tank armor and artillery, and for not providing adequate medical treatment.


A child of Gerard Matthew, conceived after the father returned from Iraq, was born with a deformed hand and missing fingers. Matthew, a member of a transport unit from Harlem, blames his exposure to DU-laden dust. Asked about the soldiers' symptoms, an Army spokesperson said, "These concerns are not likely attributed to exposure to depleted uranium."
07.21.2005 |