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An article in today's New York Times describe's how the draft of Iraq's new constiution is chipping away at women's rights:
The document's writers are also debating whether to drop or phase out a measure enshrined in the interim constitution, co-written last year by the Americans, requiring that women make up at least a quarter of the parliament.
Yeah, that's affirmative action for women, dammit! Those pesky women always want to be equal in the eyes of the law. Aren't they aware that Koranic laws are higher than those of man?
women's groups are incensed by Article 14, which would repeal a relatively liberal personal status law enacted in 1959 after the British-backed monarchy was overthrown by secular military officers. That law remained in effect through the decades of Mr. Hussein's rule.
So, just to review, women will have less freedom than they did under Saddam Hussein.
07.20.2005 |