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Outed Republican Perverts

As my new comic suggests there are now enough outed republican perverts, prostitutes, horse fuckers, child molesters, and adulterers to warrant some sort of support group. The latest- and subject of my comic- is Mayor James West of Spokane was outed as gay after a lifetime of opposing any and all gay rights legislation. He now has been accused of molesting boys back when he was a boyscout leader.

Being gay has nothing to do with molesting children or having sex with animals, but perhaps the reason republicans think so is because they are speaking from their own experiences.

Another related note. Remember this comic I did over a year ago? I may not have been that far off. Last Month Phelps was on Alan Colmes' radio show and would not deny having sex with men in the past. Perhaps because if he believes he will burn in hell if he tells a lie:
Colmes: "You have such venom for gays, such hatred..."

Phelps: "Where did you get that idea? I'm the only one that loves these beasts... If you love somebody, you tell them the truth (i.e. that they are doomed)."

Colmes asked if Phelps ever had a gay experience. (Comment: An excellent question, given Phelps' obsession for the topic)

Interestingly, Phelps never gave an outright denial. Instead, he said, "Alan get off of that. That's a filthy, impertinent question and you know the answer to it... and if you keep harping on it, you're gonna be talking to yourself."

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05.16.2005 |