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A Better Cartoon

This cartoon struck me as an odd interpretation of events at the RNC, considering one of the only black people there had peanuts thrown at her by racists. I offer up my remix:

Hurricane Season

Guy does the same cartoon for literally every hurricane.

Honoring a tradition

Daryl Cagle points out five Neil Armstrong footprint cartoons and sums up predictable cartoons thusly: “if one other guy drew it, he’s a plagiarist; if five other guys drew it, they’re hacks; if a dozen other guys drew it, they are honoring a tradition.”

Worst cartoon ever?


Google Images is a thing you can use

Afghan soldiers actually white men with Snidely Whiplash mustaches?

Went a lil’ nuts on the labels there, my friend.

Aug 20, 2012

Get it?

A collection of cartoons with cliffs labeled as “cliffs.”

Gen Y Did It

I think this editorial cartoon might have infuriated me more than any other before it.

The Paterno Clinton Connection

I actually can’t believe someone drew this.

Someone’s stuck

Michael Ramirez on July 6 and Michael Ramirez on July 8.

“Get Married”

My jaw literally dropped to the floor like Roger Rabbit upon viewing this cartoon.

¡Ay, caramba!

People who came to this country illegally as children wear huge sombreros and speak no English.