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Mailbag Douchebag

Comment on today’s comic:

You could always… Y’know…. Not borrow so much money and either go to trade school, work your way through college, go to a cheaper one, skip college completely and work your way into a company, be self-employed, join the military….

But crying “student debt” does give you a convenient excuse for being a loser.


Response to today’s God comic from a Reddit user NukeLePope: “God does not exist. This is nonsense. Get the fuck out your [sic] fucking fundie.”

Mailbag Douchebag – Return of the Ilk

Frank Kozina is writing in again – and using his favorite word too!


You’re “work” is disgusting. You have absolutely no sense of decency. There’s a special place for ilk like you. It’s made of porcelin has a water tank with a handle when turned makes you go away.

Have a nice day.

Frank Koina

Yes, he spelled his name wrong.

Mailbag Douchebag – Ilk Edition

I find your brand of ‘humor’ to be the lowest form of ilk. You comment on matters in whch you have no depth or breadth of knowledge.  I hope that in time you will see how asinine your comics really are.  Here’s to your future wisdom! PayPal donations?? That says a lot about your product.  All I ask is that you genuinely think about some of the criticisms you receive before just blowing them off as the rantings of some right wing nut.
Have nice day,
Frank Kozina

Comment Of The Day

Written without irony about my latest pope comic:

Truth hurts, doesn’t it, Mr. Bors? May the Lord forgive those who are guilty of the arrogance of killing dozens of embryonic men in the attempt to selfishly have one of their own.

Mailbag Douchebag

This letter was sent to one of my papers regarding my cartoon on the Catholic confession app.

Mailbag Douchebag – GayScam edition

Here we go.

Dear Mr. Bors:

I read your blog entry from December 2008 complaining that Obama was not proving to be the “fierce advocate” for gay rights that he had promised to be. Let me explain a few things to you.

Please explain a few things to me.

Gay-egalitarianism is a sham. Homosexuality and transgenderism are psychological disorders that spring from faulty bonding and identification with the same-sex parent, starting in the early years.

Oh dear.

They indicate deep-seated gender self-alienation, and are preventable and treatable. There is plenty of false science out there supporting the born-gay/normal-gay thesis and refuting “heterocentrist” science; it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Except the scrutiny of every field of science and everyday common sense. Go on.

I wrote Obama and other U.S. senators in 2007 about all this, and have written to him by way of his associates many times since then.

I cannot believe he didn’t respond personally, let alone by way of his associates.

Besides politics being corrupted and corrupting, there are whole professions and academic disciplines likewise: political science, law, education, psychology, medicine, media.

Literally everyone is in on it.

The narcissistic belief in not needing evidence for the support of one’s cherished notions saturates the culture of those who influence public opinion.

You couldn’t have said it better.

There is plenty of reason to believe that Obama himself has a down-low bisexuality problem, that aide Reggie Love helps him deal with it, and that Obama is involved in several Chicago murders to cover up his homosexual infidelity in that city. (Google key words for more on this.)

I… what. I… [Googles key words for more on this.] Kenyan muslim communist bisexual murderer?!

GayScam will be ended, perhaps in 2012, perhaps later. GayScam will go down as a dark chapter in our nation’s history.


GayScam? GayScam.

Mailbag Douchebag

Ron Buser writes:

Did you miss the memo? Hey liberal lemming idiot Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck nor the TEA Party movement had absolutely nothing to do with the horrible tragedy in Tucson – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ASSHOLE! In fact dumb-ass, all the facts indicate Loughner is a LIBERAL/COMMUNIST! My God, you liberals have no limits to the levels you will stoop do you? Forget all the facts … blame the right for everything even when not a single FACT points to the right NONE, NIL, ZERO … And speaking of ZEROS – you’re a ZERO! And as is my new policy – As I no longer carry on conversations with liberal lemming idiots – I will block your email address so don’t waste your time replying – I could care less what you think.

Ron doesn’t care what I think as evidenced by his calm, nonchalant tone and the fact that he wrote me to address what I think–or what he thinks I think. I received a few of these types of messages claiming I blamed poor Sarah Palin for the shooting. Last week’s cartoon with Obama was even said to be “boot licking” despite being an indictment of his Afghanistan policy.

I expect my cartoons coming out this week will really puzzle them.

Mailbag Douchebag writes:

You forgot one, you know the one where Obama states that if they bring a knife you bring a gun, or how about the one where Obama states that you need to get in their face and push back. I know since you’re not a real journalist, but instead a liberal propagandist the true means nothing to you. The irony is two fold here, one that you get paid to spread lies and two if the liberal state that you so want to happen does happen you’ll be one of the first the liberal overlords take out, you fukcin stupid moron!

Mailbag Douchebag

Rick writes in about my recent DADT cartoons:

Well Matt, Now that you can, I expect you’ll sign right up to do your part.

Then again a day later:

I think your gayness is showing, but that’s ok. I know you are enlisting just as soon as you can arrange transportation to your
local recruiting station. Thank you so much.

I love that calling someone gay is still an insult that adults use.

Mailbag Douchebag – etymological dictionary edition

Ted K on my Refudiate comic:

Dear Mr. Bors,

In creating a new word, Sarah Palin is walking in the footsteps of giants, and is being ridiculed in the same way. See below from an etymological dictionary:

1781, “to make small,” from be- + little; first recorded in writings of Thomas Jefferson (and probably coined by him), who was roundly execrated for it in England:

Belittle! What an expression! It may be an elegant one in Virginia, and even perfectly intelligible; but for our part, all we can do is to guess at its meaning. For shame, Mr. Jefferson! [“European Magazine and London Review,” 1787, reporting on “Notes on the State of Virginia”; to guess was considered another barbarous Yankeeism.]

The figurative sense of “depreciate, scorn as worthless” (as the reviewers did to this word) is from 1797.

Here is Jefferson’s usage in print:

“So far the Count de Buffon has carried this new theory of the tendency of nature to belittle her productions on this side the Atlantic,” Jefferson wrote in 1782 in his Notes on the State of Virginia. Perhaps you can produce a similar comic strip belittling Thomas Jefferson for his word creation.

When you type a word that doesn’t exist in Twitter, a red line will appear underneath it to let you know. What a belittling feature! Someone get Thomas Jefferson a reality show.

Mailbag Douchebag – Savage Injun Edition

Ronald writes in.

You are inaccurate in you cartoon by your defense of a mosque at GroundZero. Bible fanatics never killed Indians like Muslims kill infidels. In fact, they were not religious killings at all as your misleading cartoon depicts.

The savage Indians, much unlike those you see today were killing each other hundreds of years before white man arrived. We allied with them as much as they would allow. Even peaceful tribes were known to turn on us and war, such as the Cherokees. We gave goods, services, guns and food for land in which they later turned and warred back in retaliation, much like a savage. Evidently you are another ACLU brainwash victim.

I don’t know anything about Ron, but I’d wager he is not a professor of Native American studies.