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Hey, if you are looking at my site on a mobile device it should look a lot better now. More tweaks to that and the overall website design are coming over the next month.

Unsubscribe From Everything

I was hipped to by cartoonist Box Brown this week and successfully unsubscribed from every email list I didn’t want to be on in two minutes. It feels great. I was just deleting them all every day for years, which has probably translated to months of my life spent getting rid of emails I never signed up for in the first place.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that when I’d pitch my work to certain media outlets, I’d suddenly find myself on their mailing lists. I guess it’s a passive form of rejection.

The Gated Community Defense

If you are following Pistorius story, you have heard he’s offering up a scenario wherein he woke up in middle of the night and, mistaking his girlfriend using the bathroom for an intruder, shot her three times through the door, which was locked so he had to break it down with a cricket bat. A few things jump out. Namely, that in this yarn he got out of bed without noticing his girlfriend wasn’t in the room and did not call out to her or the intruder once. Also, why would she lock the bathroom door?

It all sounds pretty thin and if reports that the cricket bat was used on her turn out to be true, it’s all over. Anyway, innocent until proven guilty and that gives cable news plenty to chew on for months. CNN had on Marsha Clark and defense lawyer Mark Geragos last night to spin each side. Geragos said, “This is not a guy who woke up one morning and decided he wanted to kill, by all accounts,” which is not at all how domestic violence works, but okay, you’re a scummy defense lawyer. What else you got? Well, Geragos thinks the mind frame of one who lives in a gated community is different because they expect people to be breaking in. Part of the story is that Pistorius apparently called the man who is the administrator for the gated community, then his parents, instead of an ambulance. Why? Don’t judge. Gregaros:

I don’t want to be in a position where we in America are kind of imprinting our cultural experience on what goes on in South Africa. I don’t know that calling 9-1-1 has the same kind of cultural implications there that it does here. For all I know, in that small gated community the administrator is the person who’s in charge of security and taking care of the people who are in there. If that’s the case, that’s a logical reaction.

Yes, let’s not pile our cultural baggage on the gated community people. For all we know, they deal with dying women with multiple gun shot wounds in a very different fashion and who are we, really, to say otherwise? The administrator is in charge of “taking care” of people and we don’t want to bypass him simply because a woman is bleeding out. Surely he’d be able to fix her.

I guess the only thing more insulting would be to pull out the Twinkie defense, but no one would buy that an athlete of his stature was eating those.


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