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Archive for February 6th, 2013


Associated Press:

Democrats in Congress want to limit Obama’s use of the unmanned spacecraft to kill suspected terrorists.

I know “fair trial” and “imminent threat” have lost their meaning, but this is new.

No More Comments

After turning it over in my head for a few years or so, I’ve decided to discontinue comments. Some of you have been commenting here for years and it’s been a mostly peaceful affair, so thanks for that. But keeping up with them and managing myself across all the social media outlets I apparently need to be on in this world is a little much and I have to get work done. That’s why you’re coming here in the first place.

I could let them go, but I don’t like the idea of giving someone a platform to slag me or nitpick. There’s no time or desire on my part to sift through them for regulation and I think the internet has come to a point where we all need a little less interaction. My Facebook account has proven this to me. I can still allow them on certain posts and will probably experiment with that. But not for comics. If you have something to ask, I’m easy to get a hold of. Try Twitter or write an old-fashioned email. If you have something to add or a substantive criticism, I may even post it on the blog. Thanks for reading.


Great cartoon from Shannon Wheeler.